Thursday, 29 April 2010

Such a happy boy...

Thank you all for your comments on my stitching. You will certainly be seeing a lot more as I do more stitching than paper crafts. Meet Jack he is my youngest child and is sooooo miserable. I don't know if you can read the journalling but it just explains how grumpy he is and how much he whines. It also says that he makes me laugh so much because of this.
The weather has changed here today so it's grey and horrible so I am going to comfort myself with an afternoon in the kitchen baking. Have a great day.
Laura x


  1. Thanks for visiting me..
    Just been looking at your blog loving all your layouts they are fab
    Caroline x

  2. Will you leave my boy alone!! He does not whine he has just got a strong personality! Love the LO babe but wanted to see the better one of your much older child on the climbing frame!!! :)

    PS the carpet does not work with the LO! Ha Ha!!!!

  3. So cute : )
    My little boy was moaner too. He's 8 now and still moans alot!
    Great LO x

  4. great lo, we love to bake on a rainy day.

  5. what a great lo i love it x he is not a whinge he just knows what he wants and will go to the extreme to tell you that lol