Thursday, 8 April 2010

Finally a post!!!

Yes I am alive thank you for the emails asking if I was okay. To be honest it was just a case of life getting in the way. I have had such a busy couple of weeks here at home. I gave up smoking 3 weeks ago which to be honest left me not wanting to speak to anyone even those on the Internet lol but all is okay now I am over the cravings!!! I have been making all of my own bread this last month too which has been wonderful does anyone else do this? I have also done an awful lot of stitching as I needed to keep my hands occupied lol. Would you like me to show some stitching? Anyway here is a LO I did last night. This is from a kit from crafty templates. I won the December card challenge on UKS and the kit was my prize. I have never scrapped in a circle before but I loved it and this certainly won't be the last time. I like the fact that it shakes it up in the album if you know what I mean. Also just want to say Birthday to my son Jake who is 8 today!!! We have just finished the party and everyone is having a hours chill before we start building the warehouse of Lego that he's been bought!!! Hope your all enjoying the weather!!! Take care Laura xx


  1. Well done Laura, a couple of weeks of silence is worth it for being a non smoker! Go you!
    Love the Lo, as usual!

  2. Love the LO that pics brings back some memories!!! Glad you all had a lovely day x

  3. I love scrapping in a circle too..a change is a s good as a rest as they say! well done on the smoking thing.

  4. Oh, what a great LO this is - love the circle and all those gorgeous little bits and pieces

  5. I love scrapping in circlea, and CD albums are a real favourite.
    Great page.
    Have you found pagemaps ? she's got some lovely sketches including a whole set for scrapping in a circle