Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Following on from last weeks post about how I have moved into the living room on a whole I keep it neat and tidy but I did have a bit of a blip at one point when I had a few cards to make and a mini book. I think the photos can do the talking lol!!!
Next time you will have neat and tidy photos.
Laura x

Sunday, 6 December 2009

A bit different

Please excuse the bad photo this was taken at night. I have seen these wreaths all over blogland and I love them so I had a go myself what do you think? I had a wreath anyway so I just glued all of the baubles on with a hot glue gun. It's bigger than I imagined but I love it. As I seem to be the only parent in my children's schools who hasn't put any decorations yet this will be going up today with the rest of the stuff. Take care Laura x

Friday, 4 December 2009

A Prize

Over on Deannes blog (Quirky boots in my sidebar) she was running a giveaway and I won. Her work is spectacular and so very well made here is what I won.
Isn't it all beautiful?!?!? I was so pleased. She also has a shop so I think you should all go over and have a look.
Thank you so much for my prize Deanne.
Laura x

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Kind of a whats on your workdesk Wednesday

Well as you can see I have the blog name Airing Cupboard crafts that is because my craft room used to be in an airing cupboard. Strange I know but the army accommodation that I live in has the biggest airing cupboard I have ever seen - well apart from next doors obviously!!! Here a some pictures of how messy an un organised it was. This was one of the shelves the large RUB box is my scraps. Boxes are kits and yellow basket was projects I was working on.
This bookcase was built by my uncle 40 years ago!! This sat on top of the boys old changing table. Obviously the items are self explanatory.
This shelf was for paper. I love paper it is my biggest weakness.
This was my desk well my old kitchen table. The pictures on the wall are what my 7 yr old made me when first took over this room. Ignore the matches they are for the matchbox advent calender that I still haven't got round to making.....
Another view of the top of the changing table.
What I didn't show you was the TV unit under the table, the shelves under the changing table and the shelves on the wall. I loved this room as it was mine but it was hot and dark. Also it was unsociable. I didn't really have room to do much and had far to much stuff. I started to come downstairs to the living room to craft more and decided that I would move my craft room down there. I have no room for the furniture but have found space for everything and donated loads as a lot of the stuff I had was stuff I bought when I first started and no longer liked.
Obviously you can see how messy the room used to be and now as I am in the living room I am alot tidier. I will show pics of my new space next week.
Laura x