Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Hi there guys hope you are all well. I hope the weather is better where you are today as it's wet and horrible here. I haven't blogged for ages as had a rather busy summer, computer broken and ds2 having spinal surgery. But all is well now so am hoping to get back into it. I have rather a lot of pictures to show you today of the craft room. I have changed it round and added new furniture. This is the view as you walk through the door. I need to change the curtains as they are Thomas the Tank and I have a few shelves to put up on the wall. This is my dresser that used to be in my kitchen. In the cupboards that you can't see I have chipboard embellishments and magazines. On the top here I have jars full of buttons and large flowers. I also keep my albums, cricut cartridges and other bits. This is the bottom half of a unit I moved up here the other day. It used to be in the living room then the bedroom and is now here - I like to recycle lol. This is just paper and a basket full of punches. Here is the top half of the unit where my cuttlebug sits and also my sons cuttlekids. The top shelf is projects I have done at classes at the local craft shop ( I am also teaching a class on the 20th November, more details to follow in a later post). The lilac box is a box I made and cross stitched the top, it's where I keep my finished stitching ready to be framed or made in to something. This is the overall view of the unit. It does have glass doors but I took them off as I cant attach the unit to the wall as I need to get behind it for plug sockets and the doors are to heavy. This is my chest of drawers that I have primed but not got around to painting........ It's full of fabric for sewing projects that I have not got around to making........ - do you see a pattern here? On top of here I just keep ribbon boxes, embossing powders etc. These are our plastic drawers the large one is mine which I keep stamps in apart from the bottom drawer which is flowers. The smaller unit is my boys as this is there craft room too. This basket on top of my wooden unit is what I got on Friday from the local charity shop for £2.50. I love baskets and this one is too small for my washing as you can imagine how much I do with 3 boys lol. I have filled this with bits ready fr altering. The clarks shoe box is ready for altering and is destined to become my photo box. I have organised everything how I want it and have made a few projects this weekend and is working really well now everything has a place. I have just realised I haven't actually showed you my desk sorry but don't worry there is nothing actually on it today anyway. If you are still with me at his point then thank you for looking around my room and if you want to have a look at some more rooms then pop on over to Julia's blog ( stamping ground) where she has over 100 people linking up to show their desks. Laura xx