Monday, 29 July 2013

counterfeit challenge LO

Hello how are you all?  I have been playing with my counterfeit kit again.  I haven't spent as much time as I would have liked this month but I think that's just because July is such a busy month for us. 

Here is one LO I did using the kit.  It is named Just one.  I want just one picture where they are all smiling and looking happy.  Instead one looks grumpy, one is looking away and the other outs a really false smile on.  I try to take loads but then they just get bored of standing there!!  Does anyone else have this problem?  

The LO is very simple and now I am looking at the photo I am not too sure of the paint splodges, hmmmmmm.  

Anyway pop on over to the Counterfeit challenge blog to see what everyone else has done with their kits. 

Laura x x


  1. Ahhh...photographing kiddos...
    Only thing to do is get them laughing!
    Or scrap a bunch of prints together that show how their expressions changed from frame to frame.
    Hang in there! And keep making great pages :~)

  2. I love it Laura, it tells the story perfectly - one day..... :)

  3. I can so relate-I have to take about 50 pictures sometimes just to get the right one where everybody's smiling and looking at the camera...sometimes I just give up and scrap em how they took em :):)-when they get mad, then they take the next set the right way!