Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year New start

Hello it's been a while since I have been on here.  I hope you all have had a happy Christmas and are excited about the new year ahead.

2012 is an exciting year for me I am going to turn 30.  I was nervous about this year but I am fully going to embrace it.  I have alot of plans for this year and here is where I will be sharing them all with you, so expect a few posts a week from now on!!!

Here are some of the projects I am taking part in this year.

1 - WIPocolypse - all of the details Here

2 - A month in numbers - details Here

3 - 366 things that make me laugh - I have a mini book which I have done and have put it by the side of my bed and each night I am going to write something that has made me laugh that day. 

4 - 366 photos/project life - I am taking my own spin on this where I am going to take a photo a day and write bits down each day and then each month I will combine them both to make a double LO.  I will not be doing this all hardcore with journalling tags for each day it will just be snippets.  I will also not be posting my photos daily as I would not put you all through that ;-)

So there it is, it may sound alot (or not for some people) but it's enough for me to be kept busy and hopefully get me scrapping some more!!

Do you have any goals at all this year?

Laura x


  1. Hi Laura, it's very nice to hear you're going to be playing along with Month in Numbers in with all your other 2012 projects!

    I *love* the idea of keeping a book of things which made you laugh. Such a good idea.

    Happy New Year.

    Julie :-)

    p.s: I've add a link to this post in my original December post here:]

  2. Just found your blog through Julie's = you have some cute layouts.

  3. That's a great list of inspiration. Love the idea of all the laughs you will have at the end of the year when you have completed your mini book!
    Happy New Year.