Sunday, 11 October 2009


I struggle with whitespace. I feel it looks like I have put no effort into it. I admire other peoples pages they seem to make it look amazing. It's like 'the get out of bed look' that supermodels and celebrities manage to pull off effortless and look amazing. Me well the overweight, frizzy haired, smudged make up.... not quite the same is it.
I have an awful lot of pink in my stash. I like pink but as I am mainly scrapping about my 3 boys I don't use it that often. Well I did this LO using a sketch by twisted sketches and because I am in the picture I got to use pink. I think it still looks bare but it's been put in the album and I don't alter them when they are in there so this is how it's staying.
Hubby is back at work tomorrow so less crafting time for me but am hoping to still do a bit each night as I am in the swing of things now. Have a great Sunday everyone.
Laura x


  1. Its lovely, white space is difficult if your a throw everything at the page person like me, but I love the look too :D
    Well done,
    Julie xx

  2. It took me aaaaggesss to be able to leave the page alone without covering every available square inch in something. I'm still not sure that I've got the hang of it - those sort of pages seem to take me at least twice as long as the more complicated looking ones!

  3. I know what you mean about white space - sometimes I think it looks awful and other times it looks great!

  4. Gorgeous layout - I know what you mean about surplus pink stock! I tend to make mini books to give as gifts before it starts overflowing! Think your white space works really well

  5. S'only about balance innit. Balance side a lot of nothing with a lot of something! Its one theory!! Lovely LO gal.